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Glass Process Equipment

Process equipment and production-scale reactor systems, consisting of glass-lined reactors with distillation overhead in borosilicate glass, can be operated at full vacuum and low pressure. Only highly corrosion resistant materials are in contact with process media, which allows a great variety of chemicals to be processed in such process equipment. These reactor systems are mainly used for pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing, for processes including synthesis, distillation, rectification & solvent recovery, evaporation & concentration, extraction and crystallization. The design of the process equipment is either multi-purpose or process-specific. Feeders and receivers are made of glass for smaller volumes and of glass-lined steel for larger systems. Shell and tube type heat exchangers are built with inner tubes made of borosilicate glass, glass-lined steel, silicon carbide (SiC), Hastelloy®, tantalum or other metals, depending on process parameters and operational requirements. Process equipment and production scale reactor systems are always customized according to your specific process and space requirements.