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Continuous Flow Reactors / Micro Reactors

Flow reactors (micro reactors) are devices in which chemical reactions take place in micro channels. Microreactors are continuous flow reactors (in contrast to batch reactors), whereby the chemical reaction happens continuously (flow synthesis). Microreactors offer many advantages over conventional batch reactors, including vastly improved heat transfer, increased control of reaction kinetics, higher yields (less side-reactions and impurities), improved operational safety and higher energy efficiency.
We offer various micro reactors systems made of borosilicate glass, ceramic (silicon carbide SiC) and 3D printed metal (stainless steel). The size range covers flow reactors that are suitable for lab-scale reactions at milligram to gram scale (LABTRIX®, GRAMFLOW®), pilot-scale reactions at gram to kilo scale (KILOFLOW®, PROTRIX®), as well as production-scale reactions at kilo to multi-ton scale (PLANTRIX®).