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Glass Reactors

Glass reactors allow the observation of the course of chemical reactions, are suitable for atmospheric pressures / vacuum and are highly corrosion-resistant.
We offer a complete portfolio of high performance glass reactors and reactor systems, including laboratory reactors as well as reactors for pilot plants / kilo lab applications, API synthesis and small-scale production.
The laboratory glass reactors portfolio comprises of the Buchi (büchiglasuster) lab-scale reactor miniPilot, Schmizo basic glass reactors as well as the Systag automated glass reactors and parallel glass reactors.
The pilot & production-scale glass reactor portfolio includes the Buchi (büchiglasuster) mid-scale reactor midiPilot, the pilot & production-scale reactors chemReactor BR, chemReactor GR and chemReactor CR as well as the solid phase peptide synthesizers (SPPS).
With the Buchi (büchiglasuster) auxiliary equipment, such as gas scrubbers, mixing vessels, nutsche filters and thermostats, optimal process performance is guaranteed.