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Laboratory mill (hammer / blade grinding) - POLYMIX®


Attainable particle sizes: < 40µm (depending on product)
Funnel volume: 300 ml
Sieve kernel sizes: 1 / 5 of sieve diameter is the approximately attainable kernel size e.g. sieve 0.2 mm / 5 = 0.04 mm (40µm)
Grinding attachment variants:
- Hammering / cutting from hardened stainless steel
- Hammer attachment: brittle samples
- Cutting attachment: stringy, fibrous samples

This laboratory hammer / blade grinding mill is characterized by a very robust design using solid milled parts and hardened components. It is designed for high wear and tear occurring in processes, such as grinding of stones, which can have a hardness of up to 6 on the Mohs scale.

The easy change of grinding attachments and sieves extend the range of any samples that can be processed. The POLIMIX hammer / blade grinding mill convinces with its simple handling, high user safety and efficient grinding results.

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